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VACUPACK Vacuum Sealers – LEADERS in the Industry

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Vacupack Vacuum Sealers have been around for over 35 years and have built up their business and reputation to become the number one supplier and manufacturer of Vacuum Sealers and accessories in the industry.
There are some consumers who swear by Vacupack quality and durability and it is true that their products are amongst the best designed and truly functional pieces out there.
They are the leaders in the market and all the sealers come with a two year guarantee and a five year service contract so you can't go far wrong there.

Why use Vacupack Vacuum Sealers?

It is true that there are cheaper versions out there in the marketplace but then it is also absolutely true that you get what you pay for! This is just a small list of what Vacupack offers you:

1. Top Quality

2. High Durability

3. 2 Year Warranty

4. 5 Year Service Contract

5. Industry leading products

6. Best Value for your Money

Inferior Vacuum Sealers may well be cheaper but by having a shorter life you would be spending so much more on replacements and repairs than you would if you went for a Vacupack product.

Not to mention the low quality of the product and the negative impact it will have on the storage of your items and you really will be throwing you money down the drain.

If the mechanism that seals the packages does not work properly then it will leave holes in the seal and will impact the contents of the package. Some sealers get too hot and will burn right through the vacuum bags that allows air to get inside which we all know is not what a Vacuum Sealer should be doing.

So How does it actually Work?

You can protect food by vacuum sealing it and it keeps it fresher for longer than if you simply wrapped it and put it in the fridge. The sealer removes the air from around your items and this results in slowing down the process of natural deterioration.

It has been proven many times over that food and lots of other products that have been vacuum sealed will last 3-5 times longer than 'open to the elements' items. You can also Vacuum seal your antiques, collectables, clothes, artworks, guns, shoes, bedding and so much more.

Environmental Benefits of Vacupack Vacuum Sealers

That's right, by using a high quality, high durability vacuum sealer you are doing your bit to save the planet!

There is a huge amount of food being wasted all over the U.S and on average, 25% of food purchased is thrown out to the landfills. It is a shocking waste of food and one that campaigners are trying to bring to an end. This is the great thing about a quality Vacuum Sealer – it saves you money and in doing so – protects the environment.

Vacupack Sealers, if looked after will last ten years and beyond but if the average person is throwing out 25% of food that has gone off and improperly stored then by using a sealer you could save up to 25% of your total food bill every time you go to the stores.
It is so easy to store your food properly with a Vacuum Sealer that you really can save money and protect your food from dangerous deterioration.

Having a Vacuum Sealer from Vacupack is one of the best investments a household or business can make to make sure that food it not wasted and money is saved.

What are the benefits of using Vacupack Vacuum Sealers?

There are plenty of benefits to be had by using Vacuum Sealers for protecting food and here are just a few of some of the best reasons.

Keeping the Freshness – It is a perfect way to store fresh food and keep it fresher for longer than any other method. Everybody loves fresh fruit and veg and by vacuum sealing it you can keep it fresher for longer in a protective environment.

Bulk Buying – It can be cheaper to buy some items in bulk but the problem is that you can't eat it all at once and the food tends to go off leading to more wastage. With Vacuum Sealers you can buy in bulk and put some away for safe-keeping.

Cook in the Bag – You can vacuum seal a variety of ingredients like meat, spices and a marinade to ensure the greatest combination of flavors and with most vacuum bags you can actually boil the items in the bag which offers a great and easy to way to cook food. No BPA in the bags.

Environmentally friendly – You can save money on your regular shop by not throwing out as much waste as you normally would. You can protect food for longer and for added freshness and are not adding to the waste that is damaging our fragile environment.

Home based – in days gone by, Vacuum Sealers were only seen in high-end restaurants but with advances in technology you can have one of these great machines inside your own home to protect and seal as much food as you wish. It is easy to use and is a great investment for the future.

Only Buy the Best!

You have to remember though that the above benefits are only related to quality Vacuum Sealers like those that Vacupack manufacture and distribute. If you go out and buy a cheap one from Walmart and Costco and similar places then you will be in detriment of any benefits that a Vacuum Sealer can bring.

You may even find that by using a low quality Vacuum Sealer you are actually losing more money because if the product is not as efficient as high quality sealers then you will most likely be wasting more food when you realise the bags don't seal properly or the heat has left little holes in the bag to allow air to infiltrate.

Vacupack Vacuum Sealers and accessories offer you a great choice to protect your food hygienically and for ultimate freshness. It will also save you money on you food bills and to top it all off you will be doing your bit for the environment. There is no better time than now to invest in a high quality Vacupack Vacuum Sealer.

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