Thursday, June 7, 2012

All the Fuss about Food Storage

Since the Katrina disaster the economic crash of 2008 and the onset of possible earths destruction in 2012. The increase awareness in self preservation has become a widely talked about subject.

Feeding ones family, is the top of the list of disaster preparedness concerns. Without food it makes it hard to be productive in a day. Without food for weeks we simply cannot survive.

Creating food storage for your family and extended friends and neighbors gives one a sense of calmness and security. All the fuss about food storage is really a way for people to feel more valuable to their families and community if a disaster should happen.

Just like having an emergency financial fund the emergency food, water, clothing, medical supplies, special diet needs, along with other personal cleansing items creates a sense of well being. Knowing that a work lay off or other financial situation happens we can still pay our bills from our emergency fund. The emergency food storage will also allow us to cut back on expenses while we are finding another job or cleaning up a natural disaster.

All the fuss about food storage is just good common sense knowing no one else is responsible for our lives but us. Although in the USA we live in one of the best countries in the world. The USA is a country which goes to great lengths to protect and help in times of disaster. Expecting our government to be there for our afternoon meal is just plain ridicules.

Buying a vacupack vacuum sealer to package up a few bags of rice, grains, and beans dehydrated vegetables and other staples to help your family and friends in time of need, will also keep your stomach happy. Vacuum sealing food storage is not about hording it is about being self sufficient until the world can recoup and get back on its normal day to day routine.

Be positive, be helpful, be grateful we live where even the lowest of incomes can buy food and make a bucket or box of emergency food supplies, just in case!

Vacupack vacuum sealers range from $50.00 to $50,000.00 we have a unit for you.  Great warranties, repair old units and buy all the supplies in bags or rolls to create a usable emergency food plan for your family. Remember your friends and neighbors too as not everyone is a savy as you.

The following is a sample of just a few videos we have to offer about vacuum sealing and food storage. These next videos we hope will give the viewer a brief look at vacuum sealing, the different types of home units, sealing in paper for better results. Also vacuum sealing in jars and finally buckets a great way to protect your food storage from rats, and floods. Buckets are a great overall protection for food storage and medical supplies. See many more videos explaining all types of food storage and retort canning. We offer both home style and commercial chamber style vacuum sealers. See all the products on Youtube and our many web sites.


Brendan Newman said...

Interesting... I used to think that storing up emergency food was only for tinfoil hat wearing lunatics, but these days it looks like the only sensible thing to do! The government should work to constantly improve emergency food programs, but American citizens should take it upon themselves to store food and water for their families during an emergency. There's a good article about how to start your own food storage program very easily here:
Definitely something to take a look at if you are worried about a natural disaster or social upheaval interrupting the food supply.

PMG Inc. Vacuum Packers said...

Thanks for the link Brendan hope it helps people.
Have a good day.

Benny B said...

I'll be honest before I found out about Vacupack I was throwing so much food away that really - should have been kept for longer and could have been kept for longer!

There was recently a report that stated obese people were putting a drain on Earth's food stocks and it certainly could be a strain but...

If we all just went that little extra mile to ensure we kept our food fresher and protected for longer then it certainly will help us to stem the tide of wasted food and at the very least save us money!