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It's Canning Time! Retort Bags or Jars

It's Canning Time!

Have you discovered the advantages of retort canning?

Canning is a great way to preserve and stock food. Every year, people break out the Mason jars and pressure cookers to prepare batches of fresh fruits and vegetables, jellies and jams, pickled condiments, or even meats, for year-round storage. But did you know there's a better way than bulky Mason jars or metal cans?

Retort canning, the latest in food storage technology, is both convenient and efficient. This method uses special retort packaging, made with flexible metal foil and plastic laminate—think Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) or Capri Sun pouch drinks—that are vacuum sealed to improve the canning process and increase storage times.

How does retort canning work?

The methods for retort canning are very similar to jar canning. You use the same pressure-cooker boiling methods you're used to for regular canning—it's just the storage container that changes.

For retort canning, simply place your prepared food (sliced or diced fruits and vegetables, jams, jellies, pickles, chutney, cooked or leather-style meat) into retort pouches, and seal with your vacuum packaging machine. Please note that retort pouches require higher sealing temperatures than regular vacuum bag, so you'll need either a machine that's designed for retort canning, or an upgraded sealing bar.

Then, boil your pouches in a pressure cooker, just as you would Mason jars. While retort pouch seals are also susceptible to bursting during the pressure-cooking phase, the average rate of burst retort canning seals is less than 1 percent.

Why should you choose retort canning?

There are plenty of advantages to retort canning. These include:

 Improved flavor. With retort canning, all the juices remain in the bag—there's no water transfer either into or out of retort pouches inside the pressure cooker.

 More volume. When you use lower canning pressure of no more than 10 pounds, you can fit an extra 1 to 2 ounces of product in each pouch with no increases in burst seals.

 Elimination of bacteria. Vacuum sealing protects your preserves from bacteria. One note here: Make sure your product is completely cooled before vacuum packaging to ensure 100 percent efficiency.

 Longer shelf life. Retort canned goods last 3 to 5 years or longer—and still taste just as great as the first day they were canned.

 Store more in smaller spaces. Slim, flexible retort packaging takes up less space than traditional Mason jars, so you can put up more food where storage space is at a premium.

In addition to canning, retort packaging has plenty of additional uses. We love retort canning to store emergency water rations. You can also use this method to store quick-serve individual meals—one of our favorites is lightly grilled hamburgers.

Enjoy the advantages of retort canning this season!

At VacuPack, we're introducing two new chamber units, just in time for the canning season. They're smaller, less expensive, and come with upgrades for retort canning. Check out the MiniPack MVS20 and the Sammic 204T on our website— and happy canning!

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Retort Canning of has NO Scientific data from the FDA or USDA for home canners.  The concerns come from non acid foods such as meats!  We are expressing our experiences, but by no way are these experiences authorized data. Can at your own risk!  
As they say, "Re-Heat before you Eat" on any home canned product in glass, cans or retort for best safety practices.  
All home canning is AT YOUR OWN RISK! 


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