Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Happy Customer

This was written 11/10/2008 to our ebay account. Thank you

Dear vacuumpackers, Hi there :)
I received my Vacupack today. (Shipped by you for The Dry Store) I love it! It'll take some getting used to, but so far I am impressed!~
I am thinking about giving my Foodsaver machine to a single friend that doesn't do much food storage. Before giving it away I am hoping I can replace the teflon tape that covers the heating element. Do you sell the tape? I only need about 16 inches. Thank you
- sandibg

Monday, November 10, 2008

Reviews found on the Internet

The following is an independant review found on the Internet, this one on eBay. Since we are a small company we do not have employees writing reviews daily to swamp the Internet. The VacUpack is manufacture and marketed by a very small company. We enjoy the independant reviews and want to bring them together. If you would like to send us your review please do so we will gladly post it.

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As a child growing up my parents and grandparents we very careful about products they purchased. As a child I remember thinking, it took them what seemed to me to be a lifetime to make a decision on a product. As a young adult I hastily bought products for my household on price and popularity. It did not take me very many years to figure out why the elders in my family were so careful about their research on products. They knew, as I soon did, that buying quality is far better than buying for price or popularity. As I soon found out price and popularity soon end up in the garbage and I was back to the store looking for the new item to replace the cheap item I had just bought.
Coming from the frugal background I come from, saving and not wasting comes naturally to me. Some 10 years ago or so I was introduced to Vacuum Packaging foods. This concept was fascinating to me and I bought my first Foodsaver. It was a nice small compact 2 vacuum sealer and served me for about 18 months, then one day it just would not work anymore. After being without a vacuum packer for a few years I bought another Foodsaver, but this time I thought maybe I should spend more money. So without research I bought a Pro version of the Foodsaver from the local store. (I thought it made sense!) That vacuum packer lasted until I offered it to my friends to seal their garden vegetables for refrigeration storage. The juice from the tomatoes, and salsa was sucked first from the canister then from the bag into the channel and then into pump that was the end of my vacuum sealer, after only 15 minutes of use! I was informed by the Foodsaver company that the machine was not repairable just throw it away they had a new version. I asked if the new version would do the same thing in similar situation. The answer was YES!
So at this point I was very disappointed, wanting to own a vacuum sealer, as I saw the great benefits but I did not want to buy another disposable popular product, but rather one that would do all types of sealing wet or dry and last for many years. This time I did my research and found commercial chamber machine, read about nozzle style verses channel style home machines. In researching I found information about all types of bag material and the difference in costs. I was pretty obvious that the commercial chamber machines are a great long-term value, however they were capable of far more production than I needed for my home. After a few months I ran across a friend who had a VacUpack. She explained to me how it worked and how happy she was with her machine. She invited me to watch it work. Her husband was a fisherman and so were his friends, they came to her home with a huge catch. I don't know how many pounds but it filled her freezer and much went home with his friends. They had two VacUpacks on the counter and worked for hours while we chatted and enjoyed a great evening. These two VacUpacks were soaked with watery fish slim. They endlessly vacuum sealed hundreds of bags that evening. After that night I found out where to buy the VacUpack and have now owned it for 5 years. I don't know how many hundreds of bags and rolls it has sealed but it is still going strong, looks great, and sits on my kitchen counter being used multiple times a day. I have not needed it yet but have been informed by the company that sold me my VacUpack that if anything were to go wrong with it, all parts are available to repair it. They even offer a tune up if one felt the vacuum sealer was not working up to par. This was the type of quality my family elders were looking for when they purchased an item. And I am glad to say the same quality I was looking for 5 years ago. Now what company manufactures the best toaster oven??? The search is on!
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