Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vacupack Deluxe Home Vacuum Sealer, Made in Italy

The Vacupack Deluxe is one of our newest units to carry the Vacupack name. Each Vacupack product is tested for several years in several home and commercial kitchens before they carry the Vacupack name. Many units never make the grade and are passed by.

We test these units throughly to ensure we can full fill our customers needs the first time. Not all vacuum sealing situations are created equal. We take our job seriously, satisfiying our cutomers needs is our #1 Goal.

The Vacupack Deluxe falls in the catagory of home use, moderate production. That is to say the Vacupack Deluxe is perfect for the home owner who is looking for a very well built appliance that will last 10 to 12 years trouble free.

Excellent vacuum with 26-27 Hg. Jar Port accessory for pump only vacuum used for sealing up canisters and canning jars. Automatic and Manual modes to give the operator the choice of how much vacuum to draw or for the larger items needing more vacuum time.

A production cycle of 18 to 28 bags before cool off is needed. Continue quick usage of about 25 minutes.

The suction port is extended to help prevent liquids being drawn into the motor. However caution should be used as liquids will damage the unit.

Very lite liquid can be sealed with the Vacupack Deluxe. It is suggested that wet products such as fish and meats be patted dry with a paper towel before vacuum sealing. Prefreezing is excellent if possible. Also the use of a paper towel in the bag will help to prevent liquid from cheese or sauce gushing across the heat bar at the time of sealing, resulting in a poor quality seal.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vacupack Canada Marketing Inc

PMG is very excited about our new International roots. As of Feb 14th 2012 Vacupack Canada is now official. Our distribution center will be available to all Canadian customers by mid March. All the great products we sell in the USA will be available to all Canadian customers. This will save our Canadian customers customs and duty charges as well as shipping fees.

The Toll Free number to call is valid in Canada 1-800-227-3769 and all web sites now carry the .ca for Canada.

This is a very exciting move for us at PMG and want to thank our many Canadian customers for their patients while we are expanding to better suit their needs.

Thom Dolder and Staff

Professional Marketing Group Inc.
Vacupack Canada Marketing Inc.