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Retort Packaging - Preserving Food And The Environment

Retort Packaging - Preserving Food And The Environment

by Stephen Daniels

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Retort packaging may not have the catchiest name you've ever heard, but the history and usefulness of this method of packing and preserving food are, at the least, interesting - and at most, nothing short of ingenious. With the ability to do just about anything a can or bottle can do - while enjoying several significant advantages over those two tried-and-true food containers - retort pouches are poised to start a revolution in the food-packaging industry.

Like many innovations, retort packaging owes its beginnings to the military. In the 60s, the United States Army was looking for a replacement for their much-maligned C-rations, which were packaged in small cans. MREs (or Meals Ready to Eat) were the solution, and these rations proved to be much more popular among soldiers for the simplest of reasons - the food tasted a lot better.

The reason food tastes better (and is more nutritious to boot) in retort pouches lies in the design. Due to their superior surface-to-volume ratio, it takes "MORE" (Revised from original article)  time to cook food in retort pouches than it does in cans. ( This is due to the tightly packed canner to keep the bags from exploding)  Run your canner 20% -30% longer at a minimum! Not only does this design ensure that the food will retain more of its taste and nutritional value, but thanks to the increased exposure to heat, users often find that their food remain fresher too.

Retort pouches are also an eco-responsible way to package food. The reduced cooking time (along with a few other factors) means that less energy is used in production, and the lighter weight means that transportation costs are reduced as well. Those aren't the only advantages, though. The larger package face means that enhanced graphics can be used to increase shelf appeal; the pouches are extremely durable (meaning there is no such thing as a dented can); and the packages take up less space in a warehouse and/or on store shelves. For the consumer, these packages offer re-sealable openings that allow you to save unused portions in the original package; this means less plastic bags for storing leftovers.

For those who are in the food packaging industry and who are already sold on the concept of a vacuum sealer, retort packaging is a great twist on the typical vacuum pack sealing. Just head out to your local grocery store to see the retort-packaged foods already on shelves: You'll find tuna fish, dry soup mixes, flavored almonds and treats for your pets, along with many, many other products.

With all these advantages, you could say that retort is truly the complete package.

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Retort Canning of has NO Scientific data from the FDA or USDA for home canners.  The concerns come from non acid foods such as meats!  We are expressing our experiences, but by no way are these experiences authorized data. Can at your own risk!  
As they say, "Re-Heat before you Eat" on any home canned product in glass, cans or retort for best safety practices.  
All home canning is AT YOUR OWN RISK! 


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We have posted this article but have one opinion where we differ from the writter! We believe in safety first! Botolizum will kill you! With that said we advise home canners to keep the same time one canns the retort pouches the same as canning in glass jars of equal amounts, if not more! Better to be safe than sorry and what is a few more minutes on the stove in the canner going to hurt! Be safe don't cut corners! Thanks for reading!

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