Friday, April 22, 2011

Vacupack Elite Sealing a Wet Bag! No other home style unit can do this!

This is one of the many videos about the Vacupack Elite. This one shows how easy it is to seal a wet bag. Thom Dolder shows how to clean up any wet in the channel and about the side jar port which diverts water away from the pump and motor. This is really a nice unit very stylish, high production, Italian and American quality.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update resource guide for canning times.

USDA Publications
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 revision

The guide we previously posted was brought to our attention some facts were out of date. Mostly times to can meats has been dropped from 90 minutes to 75 minutes. Glad it went that way instead of the other. Better to be safe than sorry!
However we feel it is very important to have accurate information and what better information than from the USDA. So check out the link for canning times. Thanks for the info keep it coming!

Retort Canning of has NO Scientific data from the FDA or USDA for home canners.  The concerns come from non acid foods such as meats!  We are expressing our experiences, but by no way are these experiences authorized data. Can at your own risk!  
As they say, "Re-Heat before you Eat" on any home canned product in glass, cans or retort for best safety practices.  
All home canning is AT YOUR OWN RISK!