Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Happy Customer

This was written 11/10/2008 to our ebay account. Thank you

Dear vacuumpackers, Hi there :)
I received my Vacupack today. (Shipped by you for The Dry Store) I love it! It'll take some getting used to, but so far I am impressed!~
I am thinking about giving my Foodsaver machine to a single friend that doesn't do much food storage. Before giving it away I am hoping I can replace the teflon tape that covers the heating element. Do you sell the tape? I only need about 16 inches. Thank you
- sandibg

Monday, November 10, 2008

Reviews found on the Internet

The following is an independant review found on the Internet, this one on eBay. Since we are a small company we do not have employees writing reviews daily to swamp the Internet. The VacUpack is manufacture and marketed by a very small company. We enjoy the independant reviews and want to bring them together. If you would like to send us your review please do so we will gladly post it.

VacUpack Go for Qualityby:
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As a child growing up my parents and grandparents we very careful about products they purchased. As a child I remember thinking, it took them what seemed to me to be a lifetime to make a decision on a product. As a young adult I hastily bought products for my household on price and popularity. It did not take me very many years to figure out why the elders in my family were so careful about their research on products. They knew, as I soon did, that buying quality is far better than buying for price or popularity. As I soon found out price and popularity soon end up in the garbage and I was back to the store looking for the new item to replace the cheap item I had just bought.
Coming from the frugal background I come from, saving and not wasting comes naturally to me. Some 10 years ago or so I was introduced to Vacuum Packaging foods. This concept was fascinating to me and I bought my first Foodsaver. It was a nice small compact 2 vacuum sealer and served me for about 18 months, then one day it just would not work anymore. After being without a vacuum packer for a few years I bought another Foodsaver, but this time I thought maybe I should spend more money. So without research I bought a Pro version of the Foodsaver from the local store. (I thought it made sense!) That vacuum packer lasted until I offered it to my friends to seal their garden vegetables for refrigeration storage. The juice from the tomatoes, and salsa was sucked first from the canister then from the bag into the channel and then into pump that was the end of my vacuum sealer, after only 15 minutes of use! I was informed by the Foodsaver company that the machine was not repairable just throw it away they had a new version. I asked if the new version would do the same thing in similar situation. The answer was YES!
So at this point I was very disappointed, wanting to own a vacuum sealer, as I saw the great benefits but I did not want to buy another disposable popular product, but rather one that would do all types of sealing wet or dry and last for many years. This time I did my research and found commercial chamber machine, read about nozzle style verses channel style home machines. In researching I found information about all types of bag material and the difference in costs. I was pretty obvious that the commercial chamber machines are a great long-term value, however they were capable of far more production than I needed for my home. After a few months I ran across a friend who had a VacUpack. She explained to me how it worked and how happy she was with her machine. She invited me to watch it work. Her husband was a fisherman and so were his friends, they came to her home with a huge catch. I don't know how many pounds but it filled her freezer and much went home with his friends. They had two VacUpacks on the counter and worked for hours while we chatted and enjoyed a great evening. These two VacUpacks were soaked with watery fish slim. They endlessly vacuum sealed hundreds of bags that evening. After that night I found out where to buy the VacUpack and have now owned it for 5 years. I don't know how many hundreds of bags and rolls it has sealed but it is still going strong, looks great, and sits on my kitchen counter being used multiple times a day. I have not needed it yet but have been informed by the company that sold me my VacUpack that if anything were to go wrong with it, all parts are available to repair it. They even offer a tune up if one felt the vacuum sealer was not working up to par. This was the type of quality my family elders were looking for when they purchased an item. And I am glad to say the same quality I was looking for 5 years ago. Now what company manufactures the best toaster oven??? The search is on!
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

VacUpack 4 mil bags!

The VacUpack 4 mil pre-cut bags are now available.

These bags come in 3 sizes:

6"x10" 8"x12" or 10"x15"

The VacUpack bag material in both rolls and the new pre-cut bag is an innovative way of thinking green with current manufacturing abilities, inspired by a growing trend of consumers who care about truly saving money and making less impact on Earth and global warming.

The VacUpack bag material is thicker, stronger and has more nylon fiber than any other bag on the market today. This idea of going with better quality is a way of giving customers deep price breaks with re-usability, and durability and aim toward a greener out look dealing with plastics.

Other bag manufactures are all competing for cheaper thinner less expensive bag materials. The result is hundreds and thousands of bags used only one time and most time not being adequate for the job intended.

Professional Marketing Group Inc. stands alone in offering quality and durability rather than disposable. If a bag material is only good for a single use or breaks open in a freezer resulting in loss of products are you ahead or behind? The few pennies one saved buying the cheapest thinnest bags on the market, will result in hundreds of dollars in loss of products and repetitive bag purchases? In our research we have found the cheaper thinner bags are far more expensive to the consumer and much more profitable to the manufacture with frequent repeat business. Customers have been duped into believing that a cheap price is a less expensive option. This is a false sense of savings!

Professional Marketing Group Inc. believes in going "Green for our Environment". Although a viable technology has not been developed to replace plastic bags for vacuum packing at this time. When one thinks green it has a domino effect all the way down the line with the results being better products and quality.

Thinking green! We can all lessening the amount of plastic in disposal sites. Manufacturing a product for durability and re usability is much less expensive and far less polluting in the long term! The savings and environmental green thinking are seen in many area's.

1) Less product in dump sites. Quality products are used many times not just once! Less buying less disposal.

2)Less manufacturing of products equals less manufacturing pollutants.

Working to lessen the manufacturing turns the thinking towards offering the best product for the customers intended use.

3) Quality is utmost of importance!

To slow down the current trend of fast use disposable products manufactures must replace products with top quality products that will last.
Environment green thinking gives the customer true savings and better use of the money spent. A win win for everyone!

We can all limit the amount of waste and trash we put into the Environment. Manufacturing a better quality vacuum pack bag resulting in less waste of the precious food products, less air pollutants and much less plastic being disposed of. In the long term buying quality is much less expensive and less damaging to our Eco system and budgets.

Example: 100 bags of the thin 2.5 or 3 mil bags will be used for 100 items and then disposed of. Our test results show some bags will work fine but there will be a loss of 25% to 50% in the freezer. This is a 50% use rate doubling the price of the "inexpensive" thin bags.

Example #2: 100 bags of the VacUpack 4 mil bag. These bags will be used for 100 items with only a 5% loss in the freezer. The next 95 bags will be opened and reused again. This just made these bags almost 50% less expensive. It is not uncommon for these same bags to be used 3-5 times using up all the bag material inches at a time. The better quality bag just became far less expensive than the supposed cheap bag.

How do you know if you are buying a cheap thin bag? There is a test you can do! You can see it demonstrated in the video at

Tear test!

Cut a small slit in the side seam of a bag material. Tear it across the width of the bag. You will see some bags tear with little to no resistance while others are a little better. The VacUpack bag is hard to tear. The nylon fiber in the bag gives it resistant and strength. Making a bag less expensive the manufactures have removed a large percentage of nylon and replaced with high poly content. This results in a bag that punctures easily is less durable and is prone to become brittle in the freezer. When the high poly bags are frozen microscopic holes appear allowing air to enter in the bag and thus results in freezer burn and loss of products.

Join with us in taking steps to protect our environment, and save money. All while using the very best products on the market today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacuum Packing Berries!

The Season is Here!

Berry season that is! Aug of 2008 we are all busy with the seasons bounty of fruit and vegetables.

A tip for freezing berries! If we plan to make jam and are just out of time for the moment. We will wash and place berries any type in a vacuum sealing bag, then evacuate the air, place in the freezer. This is a very simple quick freeze. The fruit is ready to pull out at a later date to make jam, pies, compotes or other wonderful items.

Decorative Frozen Berries! If we want the berries to be individual and stay looking like a berry not a colored mush ball! Wash berries like strawberries or blue berries that are firm fruits. Black berries or raspberries one must carefully wash as to not squish the item. After cleaning we place each berry individually on a cookie sheet without touching each other. Put the cookie sheet in the freezer for at least 3 hours until frozen hard. Then remove, place carefully in a vacuum seal bag and evacuate the air. Replace back in the freeze as soon as possible. Do not let berries defrost! When you want to have berries in smoothies, on cereal or any decorative item the berries will come out of the bag individually and pristine condition with no freezer burn or ice crystals.

Good luck with your berries and remember keep them sucked up tight! Thanks for reading PMG

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Word About the Alaska Seafood Directory

This directory is provided for those looking to purchase or sell seafood.

This directory is provide from ASMI as a service to buyers and sellers of Alaska seafood this is not intended to be considered a complete list of all Alaska seafood suppliers. The supplier’s directory is funded by the Alaska seafood industry and is open t al Alaska seafood suppliers without restriction. A directory listing should not be interpreted as an endorsement of a company by ASMI or the Alaska seafood industry. A current list of all Alaska Fisheries Business License holders is available from:

Alaska Department of Revenue,
P.O. Box 110420,
Juneau, Alaska 99811-0400,
Tel: (907) 465-2320,
Or the home page is

Alaska Seafood

From the Fisherman to the Grocer

The icy waters surrounding Alaska’s 34,000 miles of coastline are some of the largest, most productive fishing grounds in the world. About half of the US seafood harvest comes from the waters off Alaska. Here, in pristine, natural surroundings, Alaska seafood develops lean flesh, firm textured and superior flavor-the qualities that truly distinguish Alaska seafood from all others. Alaska seafood is natural and wild, swimming freely in the cold, clear waters of the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and North Pacific. Preserving this unrivaled natural quality is of utmost importance to the Alaska fishing industry.

Over the last 15 years, Alaska’s salmon harvest has averaged about 173 million salmon annually. This represents the highest period of sustained salmon production in the 100-year history of the Alaska commercial fishery. Alaska salmon accounts for 90-95 percent of the US commercial salmon catch. Salmon runs are abundant and no salmon stocks of Alaska origin are considered threatened or endangered.

In 1981, the Alaska State Legislature created the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) to promote Alaska seafood in the domestic and international markets and to promote quality assurance throughout the Alaska seafood industry. The Seafood industry funds the ASMI programs. A board of directors consisting of five processors and two harvesters guides the effort. The federal government helps support ASMI’s overseas marketing activities in Japan, China and the European Union.

ASMI’s quality assurance program works with the industry to educate produces and customers about the proper handling of seafood on the boat and in the processing plants, the most effective cooling and freezing techniques, storage requirements, shipping procedures, and other practices that ensure the consumer gets the very best product available. Materials include pamphlets, booklets, posters, videos, CD’s and on-line training tools. Resources are also available to shipper’s retailers and foodservice operators on how to maintain the high quality of Alaska seafood throughout the journey form the supplier to the consumer.

State of Alaska
Frank Murkowski, Governor
ASMI 2006

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vacuum Sealer Rolls in Bulk

We quarantee this bulk vacuum packer roll is a better alternative than any name brand Foodsaver bag or roll. These bulk rolls have been on the market for a "couple of years", with great success. Since 1984 we have offered "Full Replacement or Refund Guarantee on all products we sell" find out for yourself.

Vacuums & Seals as well as Any Store Brand Bag, Guaranteed!


Refill Bags for Your VacUpack® ! Pro-2300 or any FoodSaver.

Six 50 Foot Rolls

8" Wide
300 Total Feet

Save Money


Caculate the Savings!

"The Multi-Layered Mesh Fiber Bag" 50' Foot Rolls
300 Feet - Only $75.97

Here's our policy!

Since the first product ever sold by PMG our logo has been "Accent on Innovation, Emphasis on Quality" We always strived to offer our customers top quality merchandise without the hype. There are many products to choose from, some are great most are disposable retail products designed to last just past warranties. These accessory bags for vacuum packers are not produced by the name brand manufactures, but they are designed to work in all types of home-style vacuum packers both nozzle and channel styles. Because they do not have all the expensive advertising on TV and in major retail stores the wholesale cost is less, this results in saving to our customers. We do not buy these from a "butcher supply" but straight from the manufacturing source. As for the home user looking to save a few dollars for your home butchering, shopping, garden, or storage use, step outside the "Name Brand Box" and try this bulk roll bag for you home vacuum packer.

Here's Why These Rolls Work So Well

Home style vacuum packers/sealers both nozzle and channel styles no matter whom they are manufactured by, require a bag that is embossed (textured) on one or both sides. The embossing allows the air to be draw out of the bag when it is clamped together. This new technology and design on bag material has a mesh inside a flat pouch the same flat pouch commonly found in commercial bags. This innovative design has proven to be a great alternative to the past 22 years of bag technology. The bag material is a 3.5 Mil on a continues 50 foot roll instead of a precut flat pouch. The roll will not fit into your home style vacuum packers, but this inconvenance of re-rolling and cutting off a smaller roll or putting the large roll behind your machine has given us good feedback from our customers. A good quality textured or embossed bag or the new mesh bags seem to work the same in all machines. But the price savings of the new mesh bag has made them quite popular with our customers.

"They are a different bag!"
This next statement is a correction on poor information being distributed by novice sellers that hurts consumers.
These bags "should not be used" by Butchers and other Food Processors across North America in their businesses! These bags are "are not" proven to prevent freezer burn better than leading freezer bags.
If your food is getting freezer burn when using a home-style vacuum packer it is the poor quality of vacuum being drawn from the machine, it is not the bag! If the bag is sealed in the freezer and you are getting ice crystal on your food there is not enough vacuum being drawn in the bag. This is common with the Name Brand retail machine as they are disposable poor quality equipment. Don't be fooled by hype stories that make is sound like many butchers use these bags in their every day business. These bags were designed for home use not commercial, any commercial company using these bags for business is not informed as to the laws and regulation surrounding processed foods since 911.
If freezer burn is happening to your food with your "Name Brand" home style vacuum packer check out our Ebay store for top quality equipment for both home and commercial use.

These bags are boilable for a brief time, microwavable, and reseal able.
Email us or call, if you have any more questions, we are here to give you the correct information about vacuum packing not the hype and inexperience of an Internet designer. Our business is vacuum packing and has been since the first home style machine was produced in 1984!

These are for use with home-style vacuum sealers, nozzle or channel style vacuum sealers. If you have any question as to whether they will work properly with your vacuum sealer, contact us first. If you use the nozzle style VacUpack, the channel style Pro-2300 or the other brand of channel machine including all the disposable Tilia FoodSavers®, Rival, Deni, Black and Decker, virtually any other consumer channel-style vacuum sealer, they will work perfectly....Guaranteed!

Please send us an e-mail or call !
If you have any questions or concerns about these replacement bags, please drop us an e-mail or call. We will be happy to give you all the correct details and specifications of bags and machines. 1-800-227-3769
Check these bags out at

Sunday, February 17, 2008

VacUpack 4 mil Rolls

They have arrrived. The VacUpack 4 mil roll for use in home style vacuum sealers. The 4 mil rolls are the thickest, toughest, bag material on the market today for home style vacuum packers. Again we have surpassed the industry standard. Professional Marketing Group Inc. delivers top quality superior to retail products.

Most bags found on the retail market are becomming thinner and thinner. Most retail brands are 2 mil, 2.5 mil and a very rare 3.0 mil bag. Some will boast a 3.5 mil but it is easy to test the quality to compare.

The VacUpack 4 mil rolls are thicker and better quality in test after test.

Here is how you test at home without special testing equipment for plastics.

Take a 6 inch section of bag material. Make a small cut in the manufactures side seam just to the edge of the bag. Then try to tear the bag apart. Go slowly and feel the resistance. Does it tear like celophane? Or can you feel the threads of nylon and stiffer resistance in the bag material. Fiber mesh liners are not the bag material and offer little or no structural substance. You are testing the actual bag not the liners.

Most retail brand bags are very thin and tear like celophane. The VacUpack rolls do not tear the same with much resistance in the bag material. How this helps you, a better quality bag will break open less often, be easier to reuse, and hold for much long periods of time in the freezer. A lower poly content and higher nylon content equals a tougher bag it is also more expensive to produce. It is just a better wrap!

Give the 4 mil VacUpack rolls a try. They come in the new 6"x20' the standard 8"x20' and the new 11.5"x20

Use less material, have better success, and longer shelf life with the products you vacuum pack with a better quality bag. You can find them for sale follow this link.