Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vacuum Sealer Rolls in Bulk

We quarantee this bulk vacuum packer roll is a better alternative than any name brand Foodsaver bag or roll. These bulk rolls have been on the market for a "couple of years", with great success. Since 1984 we have offered "Full Replacement or Refund Guarantee on all products we sell" find out for yourself.

Vacuums & Seals as well as Any Store Brand Bag, Guaranteed!


Refill Bags for Your VacUpack® ! Pro-2300 or any FoodSaver.

Six 50 Foot Rolls

8" Wide
300 Total Feet

Save Money


Caculate the Savings!

"The Multi-Layered Mesh Fiber Bag" 50' Foot Rolls
300 Feet - Only $75.97

Here's our policy!

Since the first product ever sold by PMG our logo has been "Accent on Innovation, Emphasis on Quality" We always strived to offer our customers top quality merchandise without the hype. There are many products to choose from, some are great most are disposable retail products designed to last just past warranties. These accessory bags for vacuum packers are not produced by the name brand manufactures, but they are designed to work in all types of home-style vacuum packers both nozzle and channel styles. Because they do not have all the expensive advertising on TV and in major retail stores the wholesale cost is less, this results in saving to our customers. We do not buy these from a "butcher supply" but straight from the manufacturing source. As for the home user looking to save a few dollars for your home butchering, shopping, garden, or storage use, step outside the "Name Brand Box" and try this bulk roll bag for you home vacuum packer.

Here's Why These Rolls Work So Well

Home style vacuum packers/sealers both nozzle and channel styles no matter whom they are manufactured by, require a bag that is embossed (textured) on one or both sides. The embossing allows the air to be draw out of the bag when it is clamped together. This new technology and design on bag material has a mesh inside a flat pouch the same flat pouch commonly found in commercial bags. This innovative design has proven to be a great alternative to the past 22 years of bag technology. The bag material is a 3.5 Mil on a continues 50 foot roll instead of a precut flat pouch. The roll will not fit into your home style vacuum packers, but this inconvenance of re-rolling and cutting off a smaller roll or putting the large roll behind your machine has given us good feedback from our customers. A good quality textured or embossed bag or the new mesh bags seem to work the same in all machines. But the price savings of the new mesh bag has made them quite popular with our customers.

"They are a different bag!"
This next statement is a correction on poor information being distributed by novice sellers that hurts consumers.
These bags "should not be used" by Butchers and other Food Processors across North America in their businesses! These bags are "are not" proven to prevent freezer burn better than leading freezer bags.
If your food is getting freezer burn when using a home-style vacuum packer it is the poor quality of vacuum being drawn from the machine, it is not the bag! If the bag is sealed in the freezer and you are getting ice crystal on your food there is not enough vacuum being drawn in the bag. This is common with the Name Brand retail machine as they are disposable poor quality equipment. Don't be fooled by hype stories that make is sound like many butchers use these bags in their every day business. These bags were designed for home use not commercial, any commercial company using these bags for business is not informed as to the laws and regulation surrounding processed foods since 911.
If freezer burn is happening to your food with your "Name Brand" home style vacuum packer check out our Ebay store for top quality equipment for both home and commercial use.

These bags are boilable for a brief time, microwavable, and reseal able.
Email us or call, if you have any more questions, we are here to give you the correct information about vacuum packing not the hype and inexperience of an Internet designer. Our business is vacuum packing and has been since the first home style machine was produced in 1984!

These are for use with home-style vacuum sealers, nozzle or channel style vacuum sealers. If you have any question as to whether they will work properly with your vacuum sealer, contact us first. If you use the nozzle style VacUpack, the channel style Pro-2300 or the other brand of channel machine including all the disposable Tilia FoodSavers®, Rival, Deni, Black and Decker, virtually any other consumer channel-style vacuum sealer, they will work perfectly....Guaranteed!

Please send us an e-mail or call !
If you have any questions or concerns about these replacement bags, please drop us an e-mail or call. We will be happy to give you all the correct details and specifications of bags and machines. 1-800-227-3769
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jenna tomaszewski said...

I am always looking to find the best price for my money and buying bulk seems to do it most of the time. Thank you for dispelling some of the rumors going around about the bags and machines. I found it helpful.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Vacuums & Seals as well as Any Store Brand Bag......
Vacuum Bags


Anonymous said...

Good work,
These bags are boilable for a brief time, microwavable, and reseal able.
Buste Sottovuoto