Sunday, February 17, 2008

VacUpack 4 mil Rolls

They have arrrived. The VacUpack 4 mil roll for use in home style vacuum sealers. The 4 mil rolls are the thickest, toughest, bag material on the market today for home style vacuum packers. Again we have surpassed the industry standard. Professional Marketing Group Inc. delivers top quality superior to retail products.

Most bags found on the retail market are becomming thinner and thinner. Most retail brands are 2 mil, 2.5 mil and a very rare 3.0 mil bag. Some will boast a 3.5 mil but it is easy to test the quality to compare.

The VacUpack 4 mil rolls are thicker and better quality in test after test.

Here is how you test at home without special testing equipment for plastics.

Take a 6 inch section of bag material. Make a small cut in the manufactures side seam just to the edge of the bag. Then try to tear the bag apart. Go slowly and feel the resistance. Does it tear like celophane? Or can you feel the threads of nylon and stiffer resistance in the bag material. Fiber mesh liners are not the bag material and offer little or no structural substance. You are testing the actual bag not the liners.

Most retail brand bags are very thin and tear like celophane. The VacUpack rolls do not tear the same with much resistance in the bag material. How this helps you, a better quality bag will break open less often, be easier to reuse, and hold for much long periods of time in the freezer. A lower poly content and higher nylon content equals a tougher bag it is also more expensive to produce. It is just a better wrap!

Give the 4 mil VacUpack rolls a try. They come in the new 6"x20' the standard 8"x20' and the new 11.5"x20

Use less material, have better success, and longer shelf life with the products you vacuum pack with a better quality bag. You can find them for sale follow this link.

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