Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacuum Packing Berries!

The Season is Here!

Berry season that is! Aug of 2008 we are all busy with the seasons bounty of fruit and vegetables.

A tip for freezing berries! If we plan to make jam and are just out of time for the moment. We will wash and place berries any type in a vacuum sealing bag, then evacuate the air, place in the freezer. This is a very simple quick freeze. The fruit is ready to pull out at a later date to make jam, pies, compotes or other wonderful items.

Decorative Frozen Berries! If we want the berries to be individual and stay looking like a berry not a colored mush ball! Wash berries like strawberries or blue berries that are firm fruits. Black berries or raspberries one must carefully wash as to not squish the item. After cleaning we place each berry individually on a cookie sheet without touching each other. Put the cookie sheet in the freezer for at least 3 hours until frozen hard. Then remove, place carefully in a vacuum seal bag and evacuate the air. Replace back in the freeze as soon as possible. Do not let berries defrost! When you want to have berries in smoothies, on cereal or any decorative item the berries will come out of the bag individually and pristine condition with no freezer burn or ice crystals.

Good luck with your berries and remember keep them sucked up tight! Thanks for reading PMG


Cindy said...

Nice article and thanks for the tips. I love visiting local pick-your-own farms with my family and always tempted to buy more fruits and berries for later use. Will definitely try your tips in the future!

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This is good for health.thanks for sharing it.

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Raci570 said...

Who's got that much room in their freezer to freeze a baking sheet covered with blackberries? My freezers full of frozen vegetables, meats and waffles.

Anonymous said...

Use a smaller sheet like a plate? An over stuffed freezer has to work to hard, so remove some things place in the fridge and use for dinner?
If you want separate berries when they are frozen one must freeze them first individually. Good luck