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More than Food

More than Food

The benefits of vacuum packing for seasonal storage

You already know that vacuum sealing is a great way to increase food storage space and extend the shelf life of perishables—but did you know that you can also vacuum-pack non-food items and enjoy many of the same advantages?

Most of us rotate clothing, bedding, and other household staples according to the season. We pack away heavy blankets and jackets in the spring, and put away shorts and bathing suits in the fall. This seasonal storage can take up a lot of space—and if you don't have big closets, things can get disorganized fast.

How can vacuum sealing help?

Just as it does for your food, vacuum packing fabric items creates much smaller, space-saving profiles. Instead of creating bulky piles of thick, folded blankets, you can place them in vacuum-seal bags and store a short stack of slender packages.

Nearly any type of material item can be vacuum-packed to take up far less space in your closet, attic, or basement, including:

 Blankets, sheets, and towels

 Puffy jackets

 Hats, mittens, and gloves

 Winter or summer wardrobes

 Outgrown baby items

 Decorative pillows or bed pillows

 Fine linens or expensive formal wear

The process of vacuum sealing non-food items is the same as food storage. Simply place the folded item in a vacuum bag, and use your vacuum packing machine to first remove the air from the bag and then heat-seal the opening.

Vacuum packing storage advantages

In addition to saving tons of space, vacuum sealing your seasonal items brings many more benefits, such as:

 Keeping blankets and clothing free of dust, moisture, and mildew

 Preventing infestations of fleas, moths, bedbugs, and other insects

 Forming an airtight seal that keeps odors away

 The ability to reuse vacuum seal bags to store next season's items

If you've been considering an investment in a vacuum-sealing machine, but weren't sure you would store enough food to make your purchase worthwhile, take a peek at your closets. Are they overflowing with bulky, disorganized seasonal items? If so, vacuum packing makes an ideal solution for all your storage needs.

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food vacuum packaging said...

For a short-term basis, we can also use vacuuming for fresh foods, such as vegetable, meats, and liquids, because they inhibit bacteria growth. Food vacuum packaging can be done by using plastic bags, canisters, bottles or marson jars are available for, the home use.

Benny B said...

I Vacuum Pack all my quilts and sheets over the winter period and I never have to worry about any dust or mites getting onto the fabric. it really is the best way to store things when not in use and tends to make them look better packed as well! :)

I've followed your blog for a while now and Hope you don't go anywhere soon as it's full of Great Tips!