Friday, November 22, 2013

Saving Money, while Enjoying Great Holiday Meals!

Saving Money, while Enjoying Great Holiday Meals!

For some the holidays are a great time to celebrate and enjoy the season.  For others it can be a daunting task to embrace the season on limited budgets.  

Usually the grocery stores offer wonderful sales.  It can be hard to resist the frenzy surrounding the holiday season, this includes grocery shopping.  Most of the year our fridge is pretty manageable.  A few days of meals available but plenty of room for air space and wondering what there is to eat.  

Then comes a holiday and the expected guests.  We all want to be that great host that has plenty of the favorite traditional dishes.  We prepare and plan, think and cook, bake until we have enough food to feed an entire city. Or so it seems looking at the spread. 
Does your fridge look like this, with not an inch of available space? 

Of course everyone enjoys your meals. The best food all year. But realistically, they have not eaten more than the usual meals day in and day out.  What do we have left? Food and more food and more food to deal with.  

This is the time to make sure your VacUpack vacuum sealer is on the counter and handy to use.  
Stock up on bags now so you are prepared the day of.
Being prepared for the holiday meals will save enough money to pay for the bags you will use all year long. The best time to pack up lunches, quick dinners and snacks all from the left over holiday feast.   We don't want to see you like this, finding the hidden treasure in the back of the fridge weeks later.  

Rotted food is the #1 largest increase in our food budgets today.  Vacupack your fresh, cooked, frozen or cupboard foods and hold back the cost of increasing food prices.  The amount of food wasted after a holiday can be staggering.  Don't let this happen to you.

 Separate the left overs into meal size portions, vacuum seal and either freeze or refrigerate.  An organized fridge all vacuum packed will keep for extended time. Allowing the consumption of the foods in the days and weeks following the holiday.  Open and reseal as needed.  


Go ahead buy that extra tasty treat. You are prepared with a secret weapon to save money. Taking full advantage of your Vacupack, saving your holiday food budget from disaster.  

Happy Hollidays 

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