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Holiday cooking is a chore that must be done but it doesn’t have to be a bad chore.  With a few time saving ideas, it will go smoothly and allow more time for family and friends.With the holiday season fast approaching, my thoughts are running with anticipation of the time spent with out-of-state loved ones who will be visiting.  There is a lot of prep work to do, which usually is not a problem, but on the actual holiday, cooking time steals from my family time.

This year, I got busy early.  I mixed my stuffing ahead of time and vacuum sealed it with the Vacupack Elite.  I put it into the freezer and now all I have to do is cook it in the bag in boiling water and it will be just as tasty and fresh as if I made it that day.  I also put aside cookies and pies the same way.  I can simply take the cookies out of the freezer the night before and thaw for serving the next day.  The pies can be taken from the bag and popped into the oven to quickly bake them just before serving so that they are hot, fresh and flavorful. 

Fresh vegetables are pricey during this time of year and waiting for sales is tedious.  I simply use some of the fresh vegetables that I vacuum sealed and froze during the harvest season.  I thaw them out for salads and vegetable dip trays. 

 All of us groan at the thought of eating leftovers for days and days.  If you vacuum seal your leftovers, you can freeze them and use them for meals later.  Frozen turkey leftovers will make excellent soup later in the winter when you crave a hot and healthy meal.  Or, make the soup now and freeze it for heating later.  Individual serving packages make hot soup a convenient lunchtime idea instead of the old, tired sandwich and chips.

Turkey can be vacuum sealed and frozen for sandwiches, too.  You can make individual serving sizes and just take out what you need when you need it.  Leftover stuffing might taste good the day after the holiday meal but it can get a little tiring after that.  Instead of wasting it, vacuum seal it, freeze it and use it another day!

I usually start my holiday shopping and cooking about a month in advance and having a vacuum sealer is a valuable time saving tactic.  I cook a lot of things (like pies, cookies and stuffing) ahead of time in large batches and divide them up, one package for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.  

The Vacupack Elite is a top of the line vacuum sealer built for durability.  It has a moisture trap that diverts moisture away from the pump, which makes for a tight bag seal with no leaks.  It cannot be beat for sous-vide cooking, which is becoming more and more popular in the United States.  Instead of canning food, storing it for sous-vide cooking is a safer and more reliable way of storing food.  Purchasing large quantities of meat and poultry when it is on sale and cooking it in the sous-vide method for storage will save money and free your time for other activities.

From the PMG crew to you and your family, we wish you all the very best Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.  

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By Jacqueline Moderson 
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