Sunday, December 11, 2011

Create Budget Wise Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family with your Vacuum Sealer

Another Holiday Season is just a few weeks away. Have you ever thought of using your vacuum sealer and jar attachment to make gifts in a jar?

At our local craft show this year, a fantastic booth stood out. A woman had used her vacuum sealer with the jar attachment to create gifts inside old sauce jars. Mason or canning jars of all types with wide or narrow mouth lids can be reused for all types of projects. This vendor had the traditional and always loved, cookie and cake or soup mixes, which are great whole family gifts for neighbors, co-workers, bosses ect. But she also had little wonderlands of tiny dolls, box cars, even pet treats and toys. To finish out the look a pretty paper, Christmas or other was wrapped over the screw lid and then tied with a ribbon.

If you own a vacuum packer and the jar sealer attachment, maybe this would be a budget saving idea this Christmas.

Happy Holidays to all and thank you for another great year.
Thom Dolder and Staff


J.J W. said...

I did this with my lite machine last year, and my Elite this year. Its SUPER easy and is a crafty way of giving a simple, inexpensive yet thoughtful gift. I just looked up a simple oatmeal cookie recipe, made sure I got a Ball or Kerr jar that would hold all the ingredients (the standard size works best) and then packed all the ingredients layer by layer. Once it was done I vacuum packed it and it was sealed tight not only for shipping, but tight so that the layers wouldnt mix together in transit. With a cute paper over the lid and a ribbon tied around as well as a little card listing the wet ingredients that needed to be added, this was a really cute gift that cost pennies compared to other gifts I've done in the past.
My vacuum packer made this project so easy!!

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jenna tomaszewski said...

Are you packing the ingredients and then putting into a jar? I have recieved a few cookie in a jar gifts and have absolutely loved it. I always get to many sweets right at the holidays and really love the idea that I can make them on my own time. A month or so later when all the goodies stop coming in and you crave them again. Also love the idea to save a few bucks as well!

Nancy Garero said...

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