Thursday, May 19, 2011

Retort Canning, more on prep, care and safety tips.

Vacuum packing is storage not preservation. Retort canning is a bit of both. While you are stuffing retort bags, sealing them it can take up to 30 minutes or more. Be safe put sealed bags on ice or refrigerate while you are processing the balance of the bags to fit into a pressure canner. Bacteria and botulizum can grow very fast in a warm non oxygenated container. Be safe keep all products very cold until you are ready to fill the pressure canner and start the cooking process.

When we have only one or two bags say from left over roast, or chicken. We vacuum seal them and then freeze them. When we have collected enough frozen packages we thaw them in the fridge over night and then put them into the pressure canner for processing.

Here is a quick video.

Retort Canning of has NO Scientific data from the FDA or USDA for home canners.  The concerns come from non acid foods such as meats!  We are expressing our experiences, but by no way are these experiences authorized data. Can at your own risk!  
As they say, "Re-Heat before you Eat" on any home canned product in glass, cans or retort for best safety practices.  
All home canning is AT YOUR OWN RISK! 


Graig Family Farms said...

Last summer we heard about retort canning. We invested in a Sammic unit from PMG with other family. Wow, this is a great process. I can't believe how well it works, how great the food is, and how little space is taken up with the finish product. Anyone thinking about getting into retort canning go for it. We could have bought a less expensive vacuum packer. After deciding to go for the best in the Sammic we are very happy we did, as so many people are now using it, and the quality is superior.

Mitrica said...

I must agree with Graig's. I love the fact that Sammic can be so easily stored. It almost takes no room!
And thx for the quick video, it helps.

Beenie said...

I have heard people got hurt by vacuum packers, although I find that hard to believe. Anyway, it means your safety tips are helpful for some.

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Manoj Singal said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your blog. I am very interested in retort canning; however, in watching your videos I noticed that the size of the vacuum sealer you are using seems a littl large for the average kitchen. Do you have something available on a smaller scale that would accomplish the same thing?

PMG Inc. Vacuum Packers said...

To Anonymous
Yes we have two new units the Sammic 204T and the Minipack MVS20 both are small units very reasonable prices, that easily fit into even small kitchens. At PMG we have upgraded them both after factory specs to be able to seal retort bags. You can find them both on our web site at