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The Food Trends Of 2014


The food trends of 2014

Every year the new food trends for the coming year appear all over the food lovers media.

Food is next to water and in exceptional cases shelter, the main survival for man. Trends are for the imagination of people. Here is my selection for your imagination.

1. Locally sourced produce:

Americans are increasingly craving for produce grown in their own region, rather than imported delicacies. The National Restaurant Association found in their ‘What’s Hot in 2014 chef survey, that the top trend for 2014 will be locally grown produce and locally sourced seafood and meats.

So we can expect more stuff from our backyard on the menu when we go to our favorite lunch stop. Aren't we funny people? We were dying for imported products from exotic holiday destinations, now we want the return of the carrot.

2. Vegetables triumph:

Meat loving America goes veggie. Another survey found that more than half of all Americans eat at least one protein free, or vegetarian meal per week, up 40% since 2007. One third of all restaurants have at least one vegetarian dish as entrée without shying customers away.

That is good news for all animals and animal lovers. The vegetarian food campaigners are beating the Paleo diet lovers. Top veggies are onions and tomatoes. Locally grown? Let’s hope so.

3. Healthy Kid meals:

The N.R.A. found that parents are fighting obesity among children. They want healthier kid’s meals on restaurant menus. One of the top 10 trends.

This show’s where the local produce and veggie trends come from. Parents are looking at their own obesity. Blame it on the kids menu and forget that they feed their kids. Anyway, more apples and yoghurt is a good idea for many of us.

4. Gluten free:

Who ever thought that gluten free was a passing-by trend will be proven wrong. Buck wheat pasta, rice noodles and more recent popular grains like quinoa and amaranth are still high on the trend list.

This is great news. All purpose flour is questionable by GMO dis-likers, so a bit of ‘healthy’ competition is more than welcome.

5. Instant ice cream:

In conjunction with the homegrown and get your local produce, this form of modern handicraft was just a matter of time. The use of liquid nitrogen is already popular in eateries, drawing many when dessert arrives. Soon it will appear all over the country making our ‘local ice cream’ in seconds.

Heston Blumenthal, the master of the smoking plate, has been running around the globe with a bottle of liquid nitrogen for a few years now, so this trend was just a matter of time. Your locally produced strawberry with local produced cane sugar ice cream, on a locally produced gluten free bun, seems to be the upcoming craze. Ice cream sandwich. Yum.

6. Nuts:

High protein, healthy nuts are high on the list of carb-cutting Americans. A survey conducted late last year found that 70% of American households have nuts on hand and incorporate them in all three meals they consume per day.

Jimmy Carter pleaser. Nuts are good for you though and flax seeds are very high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Many other nuts have good health properties. Dr. Oz says that 3 meals plus 2 snacks per day helps to promote metabolism. So go for it, nuts work great in snacks.

7. Quality Pizza:

The times of cheap, layered with low-quality ingredients, pizza are ending. Artisan, Gourmet pizza chains are on the rise and gaining popularity among pizza lovers. Big backers are behind this trend and therefore it is likely to take the country by storm. You can expect a Gourmet pizza outlet in your neighborhood any time.

I beg your pardon, does this mean that America has been swallowing 350.000 slices of cheap low quality pizza everyday without realizing. These slices of soggy dough that touch the floor faster then they reach your mouth when they are pulled out of the delivery box. Homemade pizza is still your best choice when you ask me.

8. Chicken Wings:

America can’t get enough of them. In 2012, 13.5 Billion chicken wings were marketed. During the Super bowl weekend more than 1 Billion chicken wings are cooked, grilled, roasted, BBQ’ed and eaten. Stunning figures. Still the USDA predicts a 3% increase in chicken wing production.

Pretty much a contradiction to the veggie trend but it strikes with the local produce trend.

9. Upscale comfort food:

It is said that America should watch out for more upscale comfort food. Mac and cheese with sautéed salami, peppers, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and onions. “Highbrow comfort foods are popping up all over the menus” says a well known Hospitality Consultant based in California.

Somewhat baffling, if sautéed salami, peppers, garlic and onions with tomatoes, sun-dried or not, is upscale or “highbrow” what are these producers stuffing the Mac & cheese now with then?

To conclude: I love this stuff, looking forward to next year trends but wish to add that overall it seems that healthier eating is on the rise and that is a promising trend. 

My trend, home cooked food, a balanced diet, by in bulk to save cost, buddy share, portion pack, vacuum and chill or freeze. KNOW WHAT YOU EAT!!

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Andrea Ryan-Nugent said...

As someone who suffers with psoriasis, I have to try to eat gluten free as much as possible. I don’t think that it is a sacrifice at all since the gluten free stuff tastes just as good in my opinion.

I love my veggies! I am the only one in my family to eat the celery sticks when we order buffalo wings lol