Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bad Retorts!

We have had several people ask how can one tell if a retort bag has gone bad? 

The answers are:
  1. Can you smell the product? There should be no odor just like smelling a can on the shelf. If you are able to smell the product good or bad do not eat it.
  2. Has the bag puffed up like a balloon?  The seals do not need to be open and the bag can be clean with out any moisture.  But if it has blown up puffy like a partially inflated ballon or even gone so bad as a tight ballon.  Do not open it or eat it.
  3. An obvious open seam that has been on a shelf for more than one hour do not eat it.
  4. To be extremely safe reheat all canned products back to a boil for 3 minutes before consuming. This will kill all harmful bacteria.  
Really the same principles apply for retort bags as any other canned product when in doubt don't eat it.

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Retort Canning of non acid foods has NO Scientific data from the FDA or USDA for home canners. Can at your own risk! We are expressing our experiences,  by no way are these experiences authorized data.

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