Friday, July 9, 2010

College students utilize vacuum sealing to save money and space

For almost all college students, finances are a big problem and it’s something they are always looking to improve on. Most will try saving money by not eating healthy food or not eating as much, but there is a much better solution; VacUpack Lite.

VacUpack Lite, which are made by PMG Vacuum Packers,( ) is a vacuum sealer that allows students to buy food in bulk, rather than buying only a little at a time. The sealer will preserve any food that you can think of in the freezer and it’s easy to use.

Steven Yun, a 21 year-old college student at the University of Washington, said that not only would it help his finances, but it would also keep his refrigerator organized.
“As a college student, this would save me tons of money,” Yun said. “But more than that, it would save our refrigerator from being cluttered with rotting, molding and expired food.”
For Yun, health is something he worries about, so he said he finds himself too often throwing out food that could have been kept fresh.
“There are plenty of times where I have to throw out food due to improper storage,” Yun said. “Health is a big concern to me personally and if something doesn't seem as fresh as should be, then it will go in the trash.”
Being able to save leftovers is another positive factor of the VacUpack Lite, Yun said.
“I would definitely be able to effectively save more money with this kind of product,” Yun said. “Instead of throwing out foods sooner than I would like to, I would use the VacUpack Lite, as I would put it, a freshness extender. Also, because my family loves to leave leftovers, this product would be saving us tons of money in the long run.”

The VacUpack Lite is set at a reasonable price of $124.95, meaning in the long run, this would be a great way to save money on food expenses for college students.
For more information on the VacUpack Lite and other Vacuum Packers products, please visit and http://www.cookshacksmartsmoker/.com.

By Chris Wells
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John said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm planning to buy a home vacuum packing machine and have been reading up quite a bit on this. I have a son who goes to college in a different state and comes home for a visit couple of times a year. My wife likes to send our son off after every visit with lots of food for him to take with (meats, baked goods, etc). I'm seriously considering buying him something portable like the Vacupack lite.

j said...

Awesome! I've been looking for a way to save food from going expired and a vacuum packing machine might just be the answer! Are they hard to use?

Logan said...

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