Thursday, October 30, 2014

  We are moving this blog to our new exciting and expanded site. 

Please continue to follow us and our wonderful writers at  

Marinus Hoogendorn our professional chef will continue posting his wonderful recipes and uses for vacuum sealing from a professional stand point as well as for home owners. 

Melissa Rudy will continue with her wonderful tips, tricks and hints for daily vacuum packing with projects, holidays, children and daily life with a vacuum sealer. 

Thank you for your comments and insightful questions for our writers.  They love to hear from you and are always grateful for topic suggestions.  

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Please Vote for our Photographer for Best of Washington King 5 News.

In Washington King 5 News has a contest each year.  The contest is to vote in the Best of Washington businesses... Our photographer Jami West Photography is in the running and at #2 our of 246 other photography businesses.

We need your help to push her to #1 please.  

Anyone can vote one time with an email address.  Follow the link and create an account.  
(They do not send any spam)  

Please take a few minutes and vote.  Jami is the best, a wonderful daughter, wife and mother.  She has started her little business from scratch, and is producing fantastic work.  Mostly what she does is lifestyle work but for us she does a special favor and shoots new products.  

Please vote here!  

Thank you 

VacUpack PMG